Russian for Foreigners

If you want to study the Russian language in one of the most beautiful Russian cities, St.Petersburg, and if you are interested in Russian history, culture, travel or sport, than our training programmes are for you!

MELC North West - Educational Centre opened its Russian Language Department to meet the demands of foreign businesses establishing in St. Petersburg in 1997. The aim of our work is to provide a proficiency in the Russian language not only for everyday use, but also for professional communication - Russian language and Russian culture (business, sport and art) at the same time.

We also provide our students with invitations for Russian visas, including one-year study visas.

All our teachers are highly professional and experienced, all have University degrees in teaching Russian as a second language, and most important, all are fluent in the English language.

Russian Language courses

You may choose one or more courses from the list below:


Duration Level required Prices
Intensive Russian 2 weeks Pre-Intermediate from $750 (40 hrs)
General Russian 2 weeks to 1 year All levels from $641 (40 hrs)
Conversational Russian 2 weeks to 1 month Pre-Intermediate from $641 (40 hrs)
Business Russian 2 weeks to 1 month Pre-Intermediate from $800 (40 hrs)
Russian for Specific Purposes 2 weeks to 1 month Pre-Intermediate from $800 (40 hrs)
Individual As required All levels $32 per hour (60 min)

Let us have your questions - we would love to hear from you!.


Address: St. Basil's Island, Business Centre Mekhanobr, 22 line, building 3, office 622, 199106, Russia, St Petersburg
Telephone: + 7 951 669 7513

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