Отзывы наших клиентов

После каждого курса мы проводим анкетирование, чтобы совершенствовать свою работу. Ниже приведены некоторые отзывы о наших курсах:

Translator/Interpreter Course

"Я с удовольствием хочу отметить непрерывное улучшение качества курсов. Я думаю, что руководство компании и преподаватели очень серьезно относятся к курсам по повышению квалификации переводчиков! В общем, я хочу отметить, что курсы и преподаватели превзошли все мои ожидания! Спасибо!"

Ляззат Алтыбаева, ПрайсуотерхаусКуперс Казахстан

"Dear Ms. Haman and Mr. Sorbo,

On behalf of HR team at PricewaterhouseCoopers I would like to thank you for such great training for our translator Lyazzat Altybaeva organized recently in St. Petersburg. Lyazzat was very impressed by professionalism of the organizers and she benefited greatly from courses.

Thank you very much and best regards from PricewaterhouseCoopers team,

Marzena Peijnenburg
HR and Administration Manger
PricewaterhouseCoopers Kazakhstan"

Course "Effective negotiating"

How did the course help you with your negotiation skills?

  • "To handle the conflict."
  • "Listening, meeting preparation, cause of problems understanding."
  • "Any course helps to put the information you have all ready out in order."
  • "Conflict situations and aggression recognition, implicit/explicit situations in negotiations."
  • "I will now plan prior to major negotiations ie list objectives, top line, bottom line, - I will be a little more aware of the more difficult negotiating stance I have if I upset my clients."
  • "Planning, structuring and recognising actions and reactions according to peoples relative positions in the negotiation."

Course "Writing Skills"

How did the course help you with your writing?

  • "The course gave me more theory & practice on report writing. I will definitely use my notes and handouts for my day-to-day job."
  • "The course gave me procedure of making internal and formal reports."
  • "The course refreshed in my memory what I had studied before. Gave me some more new ideas about how the document should be presented."

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